Trio of Cat Paintings & The Opening of Catnip Connection

A new consignment store is open in Burbank, California at 3412 1/2 Magnolia Boulevard called the Catnip Connection. You cannot miss it with its giant psychedelic cat sign. It is a cool store with a lot of booths by vendors with interesting vintage and retro merchandise. There are also real kittens in the window! They donate money to cat rescue organizations. I created three cat paintings for the cat art gallery. They are available starting October 1st, 2023, the Grand Opening of the store. Below are the three paintings, the first two are 8 x 10″ and the last one is 16 x 20″.

I dropped by the opening and knew I just had to paint the awesome sign and the colorful decorations.

According to the guy who made the sign, at night it glows under black-lights.
My quick impression of the homage to cats.

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