Painting of travel town trains by Oscar Will

Today my painting group chose to paint at the Travel Town train museum and park in Griffith Park, California. This location has many decommissioned trains that are on display outside in a park. There are passenger cars to have parties in and many of the trains can be climbed into. I painted here before with another group and if I recall I sold the painting. Trains are not a hobby of mine, so I cannot describe what I have painted. This is a quick, impressionistic attempt and I tried to find a good composition and be as accurate as I can in my depiction of the trains in the few hours.

painting of trains in Travel Town Griffith Park California by Oscar Will
Trains turned out OK but the tree is a mess. The photo has a bit of glare. This is a re-use of an older painting that had little glass beads in it that I couldn’t get out of the canvas.

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