Plein air painting easel set up at Rancho Sierra Vista/ Satwiwa

This post will explore the places I’ve been painting this season. The first pictures are of a quick plein air session in Griffith Park near Burbank, California, in a place called TravelTown. In TravelTown they have a lot of old trains and train artifacts from throughout history. If you love trains, this is a must-see attraction. This is my take on the back end of a passenger car.

Next, pictures of a plein air session in the heart of Los Angeles in the Chinatown district. Famously, this is where they filmed scenes from the movie Rush Hour (and probably a lot of others). I set up right next to the Burgerlords hamburger stand (great food) and painted the main square. Lots of color and not heavy on the details.

Lastly, an adventure into the countryside to do some plein air painting. This picture shows my easel and other tools of the trade on a trail in the foothills of the Rancho Sierra Vista/ Satwiwa National Recreation Area in Newbury Park, California. It was a perfect sunny day with clear air –right after a lot of rain and the hills were still draining. Keep going over those hills and you will end up in El Matador Beach on the Pacific Ocean. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy the paintings as much as I did creating them!

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