I decided to take the portrait that “looked better upside-down” and take it even further in that direction. I blocked out some areas with a thin layer of gesso and gave the painting more color and texture.Continue Reading

abstract orange painting with black lines by Oscar Will

Continuing the current series of abstract paintings, I created “Tension No. 2” This painting is inspired by cityscapes I’ve painted in the past put through the orange abstract filter I am currently working on.Continue Reading

abstract art - orange with red stripes and black outlined shapes

First in a series of purely abstract and mostly orange paintings. I will be trying out different ideas of merging plein air and other representational painting styles into abstract art with the bold lines and colors I enjoy.Continue Reading

Drawing of three flowers in a case with a Blue background, pencil and crayon

I made a sketch with pencil from memory of some daisy-like flowers in a vase. I colored it in with crayon I found nearby. The mottled blue background is a nice effect.Continue Reading