The painting below was mostly completed en plein air at the Deukmejian Wilderness Park in Glendale, California. This angle is looking north to the mountains. I painted it in acrylic paint, afterwards I added paint from watercolor crayons to increase the saturation.

I love how the tree in the distance turned out, that lone tall tree is a distinct feature of this area.

This painting was done at the Amelia Earhart Library in North Hollywood. The original painting had so much red and pink zig zag going color it looked like everything was on fire. I used watercolor crayons to lay in some solid bright colors and tone down the red. I learned two things with this painting: do not use acrylic varnish on watercolor or it will tint the varnish; do not leave paintings to dry on top of my car and then drive to work in the rain. Where it is now, I don’t know!

It’s a building open for interpretation.

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