photo of painting on easel in downtown los angeles by oscar will

En Plein Air Downtown Los Angeles

These are the results of my recent adventures to downtown Los Angeles to do some en plein air painting. The first painting was done at 7th and Grand Avenue. This location itself does not have major landmarks, but I thought it was interesting with its reflective skyscrapers and crisscrossing busy roads. I finished the painting as the sky was getting darker with clouds and by the time I was in my car it was raining.

I like how the street texture kind of looks like a tattooed appendage.

This is my take on another place on Grand Avenue where the Disney Music Hall and Broad Museum is. Busy with tourists and locals, the sidewalk was busy but very wide at this spot. Other than the unique design of the Broad, I love how the tall skyscrapers disappear into the horizon. I started early in the bright sunlight but by the time I finished, the scene was draped in shadows.

plein air painting of downtown los angeles by oscar will
The Broad Museum has a lot of cool modern art.

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