Art display at Jackalope Art Festival Pasadena

Hello! I have been busy this spring so far!

The Pancakes and Booze Art Show was a new experience. I was surprised at the turnout, that place was packed! I am so glad I got earplugs before the event, as I was set up in the back by a D.J. booth with big speakers. If I did this event again, I would set up early so I could get a choice spot towards the entrance. I did some plein air doodles while there.

pancakes and booze art show setup Oscar Will
This was my setup, clinging to the bottom corner of this wall. I did some plein air doodles while there, including a copy of Cleo’s Bath.

Jackalope Art Festival in Pasadena was a fun event. Sharing a booth with other members of the California Creative Arts group was fun. I set up my grid wall of paintings, two boxes of smaller paintings, and some t-shirts for sale. I offered to do a plein air demonstration during the festival. This was no problem because the weather was sunny and nothing is better than to paint all day long! Thank you to the people who bought art items, I hope they bring you joy!

I thought for sure my first version of the PUG painting would sell because we were right across from a dog rescue organization … but no! 😛

Tree and sidewalk en plein air painting live painting at Jackalope Art Fair Oscar Will
First plein air painting of the festival, I got out the palette knife to get some textures.
en plein air painting red live painting at Jackalope Art Fair Oscar Will
LIVE painting in progress! A picture of me painting the art fair itself en plein air.
en plein air painting red live painting at Jackalope Art Fair Oscar Will
Completed 2nd plein air painting, in my “dot” style with a red theme.

Upcoming Events

May 6, 2023, I will be at the Elevate Burbank Multicultural Festival! Come see performers of all kinds, buy some art, and support the community!

Elevate Burbank Multicultural Arts Festival

I will also be at day 1 of the Jackalope Art Festival Burbank on June 4th, 2023! Also probably doing a plein air demonstration all day. 😀

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