painting of a green vw car impressionism style by Oscar Will OWILL.ART

Painting From A Photo

I received a commission to paint a car from a photo. I thought the composition of the photo was interesting so I did not change anything in that regard. To scale up the photo to the full size 16×20 inch canvas, I used a grid. I did this by taking the photo into software and dividing the photo vertical and horizontal in half with a line until I had 16 squares. Then I drew the grid on a blank canvas with diluted paint. Next, I compared the grids of the photo and canvas and drew what was in each square with black paint.

WIP painting sketch of a VW carpainting of a green vw car impressionism style by Oscar Will OWILL.ART
This is so fun. You can see on the left my sketch painting and on the right the finished result and you can use the slider in the middle to compare them!

After that dried, I painted basic color mid-tones and fixed up some lines. The green of the car was a large area to paint in this step. Next, I added very dark areas below the bumper and on the shaded side of the car. I started painting the stones dark near the car where there is a shadow and lightened them up as I went away from the car. Then I added the lighter highlights and finished up the background colors. Once this dried, I added two layers of gloss acrylic varnish to give it protection and shine.

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